Start planning

Twenty questions to help you succeed.

Publishing success starts with a clear vision. I use your answers to these questions to accurately estimate how I can help you bring your project to publication. Your plans may change, but putting some thought into these topics is a measure of your commitment to the product and the process that makes it come alive.

Please note that while I have used "book" throughout, the questions apply equally to all publishing projects: printed books, web sites, brochures, e-books and other materials.

  1. Characterize the person who will want your published work, in as much detail as possible. (Note: "Everyone" is not a viable answer.)
  2. Tell me what your book is about in four paragraphs or less.
  3. What methods do you plan to use to sell it?
  4. What must happen to make you feel your publishing project is a success?
  5. How much will you sell it for?
  6. Tell me what the finished book looks like in your mind (size, shape, etc.).
  7. Why did you write it?
  8. What is your production budget?
  9. Is there a specific date for which you wish to have published materials?
  10. What retail price do you have in mind?
  11. Who will print your book?
  12. When will the manuscript be complete?
  13. Have you written a foreword, acknowledgements/dedication, cover copy?
  14. What program have you used to create the manuscript, on what operating system?
  15. How many words are in the book? Please include words in text boxes.
  16. How many photos, drawings, charts or tables are included? In colour? Are they in high resolution TIF or EPS format?
  17. Do you have permission to use others' images, tables, diagrams or quotes, if included?
  18. Do you need an ISBN and Cataloguing in Publication Data?
  19. How comfortable are you with word processing tools like Microsoft Word's Track Changes?
  20. Do you have a graphic designer to create a cover for your book?

Are you ready to publish?

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