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Whether it's a book, e-book or web content, our services are designed to help you publish professionally and cost-effectively. Our clients say their published materials look great. Our clients' readers say the materials work. And unlike traditional publishing, GF Murray's clients keep full control of the publishing process—including the profits! Never published before? Don't worry. After more than twenty years helping authors succeed with print and digital publishing, we can honestly say, "Handholding no extra charge."

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  • November 28

    Niche marketing

    "If you build it they will come." True or false when it comes to publishing? Well, as with lots of things, the answer is "Maybe." More…

  • April30

    Our newest baby!

    Dr Z is in the house! Michael Zaitzow's latest novel is now available from More…

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Welcome to GF Murray Creative Information Solutions. We've been helping individuals and organizations meet their self-publishing goals since 1997.

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